Sagittarius weekly horoscope 20 december 2019 by michele knight

In other words partners or potential partners. Romance sparkles along with opportunities to shine when Venus reaches your 5th on April 20 and May 9 sees her make a trine to Jupiter from here making this a day of love, pleasure and attraction. Venus will enter her ruling 7th in your chart on June 9 — the day before the Sun opposes Jupiter in your 1st.

When it comes to the kind of lover you may attract, remember your ruler can turn up in person.

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They may have distinct Sag-like qualities about them. Well-travelled or even from overseas. And so sexily funny. Expect someone who feels like a soulmate to put in an appearance. Even if this is not a lover this can be someone you have a strong work or friendship connection with. You will benefit from the connection and this person will expand your horizons in some way. Travel, those big business and mass media themes and expansion will feature during July and August which sees both the Sun and Venus in your 9th, both of which will trine Jupiter again.

This period also marks a Mercury retrograde which will begin in your 9th and head back into your 8th before returning to. By August we have both Jupiter and Mercury direct. An opportunity could re-present itself during this period or else you will see a totally fresh direction begin to open up for you.

Watch closely for any themes that began at the start of the year returning — especially if they began at the time of that eclipse. If anything was covered up or concealed at that point, you should have the big picture now. The year should end on a high note for you with you getting an early start on your new cycle thanks to Venus arriving in your 1st on November 1.

The Sun heads in here on November 22 and Venus and Jupiter will have their final date in your 1st on November Jupiter will move out of your 1st on December 2, joining Venus, Saturn and Pluto in your money zone. Expect a massive transformation to occur around your money and assets during as Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will all meet in here. As the year ends, start to think about what you want to build in terms of your financial security. Think of it this way: Rockets need a launch pad.

That is what you are going to be asked to build in the coming year — or expand on if you already have one. This year should open the way for you to put that in place. In the interim, a larger experience of the world — and of love, awaits you. Ruler Jupiter arrives in your sign for the first time in 12 years.

New opportunities beckon and lost ones return. Sagittarius is a fire sign ruled by Jupiter the planet of expansion. The most adventurous and philosophical of the Zodiac Sagittarius embrace freedom for all. Wildly unpredictable these are the adventurers of the Zodiac.

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Your soul lesson is to put your philosophy into action and accept and be the unique soul that you are. Sounds like your ruler Jupiter has arrived in your 11th house, Sag! Get ready for a minor miracle and a lot of new people. This can be a highly creative period. Be prepared however to build on your achievements during the first four months of the year or else see the return of a major opportunity during the Jupiter retrograde period which lasts from April 10 until August Above all, watch carefully for something that may have its roots in your last Jupiter in your 1st cycle 12 years ago — and which you may have given up on, returning to you bigger, better and more real than before.

You are at the start of another 12 year journey now. Set your course for the stars!

Chiron in Aries 2018 to 2026

How are you working it, Sag? By this I mean your day job whether this is paid or unpaid work , your routine and your wellbeing. What works for you? Do you feel your work adds value and that you in turn are valued for what you do? Are you valuing that body and your health? This of course relates back to Jupiter in your 1st rejuvenating you mind, body and soul. Welcome also Uranus, planet of light bulb moments and revolutionary awakenings in your 6th from March 6. Last year saw it enter this house for the first time in your lifetime.

It only spent a few months in here before turning retrograde and heading. This time it returns to your 6th where it will remain for the next seven years. This may be a very good thing as while Jupiter in your 1st can restore your energy level, if we are not careful its ability to expand extends to us! You could be looking at complimentary health practices, new exercise routines or just making very different choices with what you eat.

Your daily routine will also undergo an overhaul. You will be able to see the difference between a routine which supports you and allows you to be more productive — and a repetitive rut. Making different daily choices and being unafraid to experiment even on a small daily level, will have a major impact not just on how you feel, but in other areas too. As for that day job —bear in mind that even the most glamourous jobs have their mundane or boring elements.

Ask any actor waiting on set for hours for their call and then having to do take after take for example. That being said, you are a sign that needs a great deal of freedom and flexibility in order to produce your best work. Uranus is all about an individual or unique approach.

It also rules entrepreneurs and inventors.

If you are stuck in a job rut, expect Uranus to shake you free of it. Often in unexpected ways. Working differently and in a way that is aligned with your values, is going to be another benefit of Uranian-style job changes. If it works — work it! Jupiter always wants to bring us benefits and no more so than when he is in our 1st house. This is a time when our power to attract is at its peak.

I have found that Jupiter in our 1st house can act as a more powerful magnet when it comes to attracting romance or other partnership opportunities, than the transit of Jupiter through our 7th. In other words partners or potential partners. Romance sparkles along with opportunities to shine when Venus reaches your 5th on April 20 and May 9 sees her make a trine to Jupiter from here making this a day of love, pleasure and attraction. Psychic News Book a reading now. This is your lucky year and Lucky by Melissa Etheridge is your anthem for the next 12 months. Nobody will make it happen but you. Certainly not you this week, Taurus. Uranus in your 1 st sees you not only actively wanting change but being the change in your own life.

Because you can sometimes be understated, people either take you for granted or underestimate what you are capable of. Turn all those perceptions on their head this week especially around the time of the full Moon in your 8 th. No, you have not stopped being your reliable self. But you have begun to put your own wants, dreams and desires first.

You are in the process of a great reinvention now thanks to the meeting of Vesta and Uranus in your 1 st on the 23 rd. This day also sees ruler Venus oppose Jupiter in that change sector with the result that you are unafraid to accept the changes you need in both your income and your personal life. You are also no longer afraid to state what these are or to sell yourself and all you have to offer with more style and confidence than you may have done before. Those talents and fearless approach were always within you but the difference is, you are no longer hesitant in showcasing them!

But they bring you the change you wanted as they oppose Pluto in your 9 th. Once done, rest on your laurels and go with what you have set in motion as Mercury retroshadow begins on the 20 th. The year pivots on solstice day as the Sun enters your 3 rd. It could just be you being unafraid to put your own wants, dreams and desires first. And to be truly open about what you want. Ruler Mercury is about to hit its retroshadow phase in your money zone. Before it does however, it will meet Mars in here and both will oppose Pluto in its ruling 8 th in your chart.

You also have Vesta and Uranus meeting in your 12 th on the 23 rd for the first time in your adult lifetime on the 23 rd and the Sun in your 2 nd from the 21 st. All this adds up to changes around your financial status or how you interact with the material world based on your deep seated values and self-worth.

This can apply across anything from your pay packet to loans, credit cards, mortgages, other assets or even a relationship. It electrifies money and the flow of it or not into our lives. Understand, money itself is inert. It is our attitude that sets it in motion and gives it energy. You could work more around these themes during the Mercury retro cycle. You and others play a major role. Seeking love? Dress up, stand out, shine as the full Moon illuminates your 7 th on the 17 th. Radiate like a disco ball. No, black is not in style for you now if you are seeking to attract a mate. This is one of the best weeks of the year for you for love and attraction on all levels thanks to Venus in your 1 st opposing Jupiter in your 7 th.

Dress the part. Watch who is drawn to you this week because someone will be cast as co-star to your lead. Remember, your role is to stand out whether this relationship involves love, business or friendship. Together you could just embody that Hollywood power couple dynamic. The perfect double act is waiting, Gemini. In a nutshell: Your money and inner sense of soul worth electrify all you have to offer this week, Gemini. Be your own best asset. And showcase all you are and can be to attract! Happy birthday, beautiful Moon child! Time to bring it all home to where your heart is.

Your birthday season could see you wanting to celebrate close to home with the people who matter the most. The past is going to play a more important role than usual during this birthday cycle due to Mercury in your 1 st entering retroshadow phase from the 20 th and Venus in your 12 th.

Sagittarius September Astrology Outstanding Opportunities TAKE ACTION!

You also have Mars and Mercury meeting in here on the 18 th and both are about to oppose Pluto, planet of transformation in your 7 th. Expect an existing one to be re-worked or even the arrival of one that fits the bill for you in the coming year. This is about knowing what you want and being very clear about it and has nothing to do with being needy or clingy. You want to put down roots and establish something and also understand your priorities are changing. Ruler the Moon appears waxed and full just prior to your birthday season on the 17 th emphasising the need for wellness and this extends to no longer focussing on what drains you or is simply not worth it.

Part of your wellbeing now is a need to shine — even if you are just staying home and celebrating with those you call family. Nurture yourself and deck yourself out in your finery! How much better do you feel for doing that? Friends and family are what are most important to you now. In a nutshell: Give yourself the birthday gift of what is truly important to you, Cancer.

The people in your life matter most. And give yourself equal billing — and let others show you the love in return. All thanks to the glitterball full Moon in your 5 th this week. Choose clothes that sparkle and allow you to stand out. This is no week for neutrals. This is your house of all things Leo-ruled with a touch of freedom and larger than life luck and opportunity thrown in. Parties and invitations may feature as could professional recognition although I would suggest you ditch the sequins in the boardroom — or maybe not depending on the area in which you operate. This is a full Moon under which to dance, create, date and mate.

A recent romance could go to the next stage, if settled you will shower your partner with your personal brand of extra special passion and desire. Others could snag the attention of someone whose star quality is the perfect match for your own thanks to the alignment of Venus in your 11 th to Jupiter in your 5 th. The past is also in focus as this is your lead-up time to your birthday next month.

Mercury and Mars are meeting in your 12 th this week and your ruler enters here on solstice day — the 21 st. Mercury will enter retroshadow phase — again in here on the 20 th while Neptune which rules your 12 th retrogrades in your 8 th on the 21 st.

Birthday 23 may horoscope

Know that your first response is the correct one and act on that. The meeting of Vesta and Uranus in your 10 th on the 23 rd is a timely reminder you are worth more.

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  8. Juno arrives in your 1 st on the 21 st putting you in the mood for long term love — no imitations, knock-offs or time waters. In a nutshell: Get your glam on and prepare to party and to get yourself noticed. Professional recognition or snagging the attention of that perfect match could follow.

    Live large this week, Leo. Learning about what supports and sustains you over the long term and what you need for your everyday security could be revealed now.