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I kind of like the placements in the 1pm chart. Wish I could keep the moon in the eighth house and have the sun in the tenth I wouldn't have guessed he was a leo. Thought more of a Sagittarius. What is the sign of the "prat? Neptune in the first house could suggest that his self image is based on a fantasy. I think his brothers would agree.

Sagg concerns medicine, law, higher education, theology, long distance travel, any or all of these may contribute to his fantasies about himself. The seventh house moon is a problem. And Uranus in Scorpio in the twelfth should also give him some interesting fantasies. He could be paranoid or deeply concerned about conspiracy theories.

I guess hanging around with Fudge could have that effect. There may be other imaginative flights of fancy. I can see positive and negative Aquarian qualities in Sirius, but I agree, definitely Libra rising. I would almost call him a double Libra, Sun and Ascendant, with moon in Aries and with some heavy aspects.

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Poor man never could achieve balance. In James I see Geminii and Aquarius. But a strong 7th house. Aries seems very strong for both Sirius and James. What is the sign for "Cool? Moon and or venus in 7th house. James is highly competitive, sagg or aries.


Intellectually competitive, long story. But otherwise, his sense of humor suggests Geminii. Perhaps a geminii moon? Lily, like Ron, had a willow wand. She's strong and brilliant and has very high principles. With Leo rising, it could go into the eleventh or twelfth house. Very cancer, but also Pisces. Something in His appearance reminds of Leo.

For some reason, I have a sense of Cardinal signs. Cancer sun, Leo rising, Libra moon. Sorry there has to be a moon. He does seem the most emotionally balanced of the lot. I think there's some Virgo and Sagg. He was a fun teacher who could connect with teens and make lessons challenging and fun. A lot of life challenges, but he's always come through, with a little help from The moon is the planet that influences or reflects our emotions.

Peacemaker, reluctant to rock the boat or chance controversy with friends. Would rather stretch the truth than take a chance on confrontation. I've just been listening to GoF with the kids. In divination Trelawney tells Harry that she believes Harry is under the baleful influence of Saturn and that he was born in midwinter.

She describes his hair and appearance and mentions the loss of his family at an early age. Before the discovery of Uranus, Saturn was considered to rule Aquarius. Is this a hint that Aquarius is Harry's ascendant? Harry and Ron are working on their charts, and Harry says he has two Neptunes. Ron makes jokes about dwarfs with glasses. Was is in GoF or PoA that one of the boys "predicted" that he would drown twice? Then Lavender Brown said she had an unaspected planet. Trelawney tells her it's uranus. Ron asks to see Lavender's uranus, it was funnier when he said it , and Trelawney buries them in homework.

All those references are to Aquarius and Pisces. Ron is a Pisces.

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Is Harry's ascendant Aquarius? Then there's the precession. Virtually all of Aquarius and all of Pisces are in Harrys first house! And opposite, the same is true of Leo and Virgo in the seventh. And look at the planets in the seventh. This thread is so cool. I've always been interested in astrology, though not as half as advanced as you guys and have been looking for a thread like this for ages! Heres my minute take on things, even though it probably doesnt mean much to you, advancies!

Hermione is a definite virgo! I know we've been given birthdates of Ron and Harry Harry has some definite Leo qualities 'pride, thinking from the heart, loyalty' and someone earlier said he acts like a cancer I also think there could some main earthiness in Harry. Despite his fame, he's a very grounded boy, almost shy of being in the spotlight, stubborn, and self sacrificing Ron for some reason I would have piqued as a saggitarius. Theres a fun loving, humorous, carefree, foot in the mouth' side to him, but then he also does have the 'indecisive, defensive, extremely sensitive' side of a piscean.

Hagrid, i always assumed a saggitarian. Dumbledore, aquarius , a sag somewhere in there. Percy is a virgo, with a Leo rising or moon! McGonagall, is a cap. Hard exterior, love of tradition, conformist to authority dumbledore , loyal' yet we know that theres emotion there, as seen when snape, herself and Dumbly find Harry and Crouch Jr in his office after the Triwizard tournament. After all he is pretty eccentric, and revolutionist!

But I don't know if it's coming from Trelawny, maybe since he was born in summer, this was just meant to show how far off she was? I always thought Hermione as a Scorpio. Can't be pulled away from a book,and detriemed. And I thought of Harry as a well I thought Ron was a leo though. All of it,but still,that's the way the book goes! I agree, Harrys features are quite saturn-ish, also with the early losses this is quite capricornian along with the idea, of a hasrh childhood, of circumstances causing one to becom adult before ones time, My Webster says the following: I think I am right in saying, my dear, that you were born in midwinter?

To be honest, out of these three I see most of Sagittarius in Harry. My handbook Janis Huntley says that unaspected planets are rare, but when they do occur they tend to dominate the chart because their energy can manifest itself unfiltered, without merging with that of another planet. As for the outer planets, apparently the lesser aspects between them - i.

It is less excitable and more stable than aspected Uranus. The only planet in there is the Aries Moon And house 5 of creativity, lovers, and sports empty? But what worries me most is the loss of the Grand Cross at this late time of the day. I'm still convinced he has this Grand Cross to bear in his life, even if it means a Pisces Moon for him. As far as I remember, we didn't have any tries at his rising or Moon sign though. March 1st , was it? D'uh, his Moon won't budge out of Virgo throughout the entire day.

He has 4 planets in Virgo all in all, who'd have thought? Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Moon. The world isn't black and white but shades of grey, and there are too many different kinds of being "bad" to just toss them all into the Scorpio bin. Snape, Umbridge, Malfoy sr. The thing is, she partially attributes her guess to his appearance, and appearance is usually influenced more by the ascendant than the sunsign.

And Harry doesn't look the least bit Leonine. His features do seem saturnine if not aquarian. Hello and welcome everyone! Amazing, so many new faces on this thread. D Whizbang, about Lockhart - if he is a Leo, he'd have to be born before Neville. Neville was the first character who got a birthday wish on her page late July , and since we're now in late August, we wouldn't get any more Leos announced until next year.

Next sign after Virgo is Libra though. If he were a Libra with Leo rising, we'd have a chance to get his birthday rather soon. Good catch on Trelawney's suggestion about Midwinter and his saturnine appearance. I do think you're on to something there, but not so much with regards to Harry, more to Tom Riddle.

Her description fits young Tom as well, and he left a fat trace of his transferred powers on Harry's forehead. His yew wand would tie in nicely. Besides he hasn't been done yet I still think he has severe 8th house issues. Where was Saturn in that year? Nah, I just dabble around for fun. D Actually I like to think that we complete each other well on this thread, whizbang. I have a neat computer program, like to use it and to modify chart details until I'm satisfied, and am a bit accustomed to the astrology language. Now that's an idea How about an introduction or a mini-dictionary?

Water weak, you bet. I haven't read all these through, yet, but I trust Susan Miller. On this page are links to explanations about the planets, the elements, the qualities and the sectors. I'm going back to read up, now.

I couldn't agree more! Real Scorpios may take offense. What about evil Geminis? OK, I've got it I'll try someone nice again for a change. Haven't checked your site in depth, whizbang, but from a first quick look it seems to be a good introduction. The only detail missing seems to be an overview of aspects - i.

Personally I prefer to use my books though, to read things up off-line. Ron hasn't been done yet I see Fire too - rash Aries maybe, or sportive Sagittarius because his humour is so "tongue-in-cheek" good point, ChariZmatic. Let's try Sagg first. Sun conjunct Mercury in 2nd house of possessions actually he has seven retrograde planets, poor guy Destructive Pluto Libra and blocking Saturn Virgo in 9th house could account for his tendency to invent prophecies etc.

Tenth house of career empty, but eccentric Uranus in Scorpio as the 11th house of friendships ooh, that's where his weird sense of humour comes from! Loving Venus Aries in 3rd house of siblings, Chiron the wounded healer Taurus in 4th of family. People who belong to this sun sign are usually assertive and confident. Dear leo, you surely love to be a team player and show your sportsmanship. However, this does not take away the fact that you are a tough player to compete with as you can leave anyone amazed with your talent, says Ganesha.

Today you will derive a sense of satisfaction from the fact that you have given your best effort to any endeavour and you have indeed tried to live up to your potential.


With your attitude and skills, success is not far behind for you as long as you keep applying yourself. Today lady luck is on your side and you will be a winner as long as you keep your head held high and march ahead with a smile on your face. Follow us on :. Today is the first day of the rest of your life, but dear Leos, are you ready to make the best of it?